Large orange caterpillar

September 28, 2012 John Bugs

Met this funky little guy the other day:

He was crawling along the back porch, probably looking for a place to hang out and eat some leaves.  After checking out the trash can for a few moments, he wasn’t too happy with it and ran off to find some better spot to chill.

But when I tried to lift him up on a sheet of paper and carry him to the yard, he reared up like a snake in a rather impressive – and momentarily convincing – act of mimicry.

And once he realized that I probably wasn’t going to eat him, he relaxes and starts walking along the porch again.  Eventually I got him to a nearby bush and hopefully he was able to find some food and cover.

Anyway, I thought this bug looked really cool, so I wanted to share it with the web!  I figured I had some cheap hosting available on Dreamhost that I hadn’t completely maxed out the resources on yet, so I set up this domain for these pics and any other cool nature shots I can get.

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